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Micromega Jeu Video Game de Mani
A videogame journey through the hand-drawn world of Mani
The Project

Two contrasting creatures wounded by an hostile world,
meet together in a friendship quest.

Through their journey, they will have to learn collaboration
to face huge infernal machines, perilous organic meteors,
and their own selfishness.

Slide Points of View V2.jpg
Two Visions you will need to match !


Puzzle, Adventure and Reflection


2D Hand-drawn 2D plateformer


Single Player / Offline



Computer & Consoles



With the Support of CNC
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This video game project is born in 2020. It received a grant for conception from the CNC in 2021. This good start allowed Mani to devote a whole year to the conception of the game in optimal conditions with Jeanne Aubry, Game Designer.

In Development...

In 2022, Mani and Jeanne participate to the Digital Playgrounds program, benefiting a writing and mentoring residency in New York for 2 weeks. This program is organized by the Villa Albertine and the Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée to support the development of video games and immersive experiences.

In 2023, the team is growing to start the pre-production with the studio Coven...


Stay tuned to follow the progress of the project !

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